Calling on Investors

PAWS R US (SA) is looking for INVESTORS – help us BUILD THE DREAM of our “HAPPY PLACE”!

After 6 years in animal welfare/rescue, PAWS R US (SA) has moved into the CADEAU KENNELS facility out in the Midrand area, JHB. It is time to spread our wings, create a permanent home, and contribute more effectively to both the cause and effects linked to animal welfare/rescue in SA.

Our dream is to build the CADEAU KENNELS facility into a top-notch rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing haven for rescue dogs. We also want to establish a home-base for our EDUCATION campaigns, so that we can work with the youth in returning to the core value of COMPASSION and RESPECT for Self and All Life.

To make this dream a reality, we need to BUY the CADEAU KENNELS site. And to get that done, we need to find INVESTORS and PARTNERS who want to contribute to something greater than themselves, and help make a real, immediate and practical difference in a world that has lost its way.

The PAWS R US (SA) TRUST has been created as a legal entity – and we now look to spread the net open wide and “go on the hunt” for kindred spirits who want to help build something GOOD. We need INVESTORS of the HEART and MIND – those who want to protect the vulnerable, educate the youth of tomorrow, and know that their investment has directly uplifted lives and communities.

CONTACT: For all enquiries and details related to this search for INVESTORS, and the implications for each INVESTOR within the Trust, please email us on

We will then communicate in detail re the property specifications and the role of Investors within the Trust, and invite you to our OPEN DAY where we will host interested parties.

*PAWS R US (SA) is a registered NON-PROFIT COMPANY (NPC) and is currently in the process of registering as a PUBLIC BENEFIT ORGANISATION (PBO). We have been saving and blessing innocent lives since February 2011.

PAWS R US (SA) has the following fundraising events planned for the rest of the year. Please do come and join us at one or more of these festive outings? Not only does it help our fundraising efforts, but we have been blessed to have a community of “regulars” who follow and support our work, and we would love to include you in that circle!