Help build “Paws Haven”

Building “Paws Haven” – #AHappyPlace4Dogs!

Choose from one of four project options and become a part of the team creating “PAWS HAVEN” in Midrand, Johannesburg!

PAWS R US (SA) has the opportunity to create a HAVEN for rescued dogs in Midrand, Johannesburg. But, we cannot do it without YOU! The new site has oodles of potential.. but we have a LOOONG WAY TO GO to realise our goal. We are calling on all animal lovers and caring humans to GET INVOLVED and JOIN HANDS WITH US. We have seen over and over again that, TOGETHER, WE CAN MAKE MAGIC!

You can choose from FOUR different project options:
1. PROJECT CLEAN-UP: General cleaning up of gardens and runs, includes some maintenance and gardening
2. PROJECT FIX-IT: Handyman and DIY duties in building and separating gardens and runs
3. PROJECT LIGHTNING BOLT: Evaluation of the electrical system on site in order to ensure compliance and improvements
4. PROJECT FLUSH-AWAY: Evaluation of ablution and water needs on the premises and the maintenance/creation of ablution facilities

Another option is to contribute towards the general supplies needed to build PAWS HAVEN – please email us on to request the MASTER LIST and we will send it off to you pronto!

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY and have a look at how/where you’d like to get involved Our world gets better and more beautiful, every time we create something good. This active volunteering counteracts all the bad out there. NOW IS SUCH A TIME!